Dani & Jake


Oh the way the universe works! 

I received a call from the sweetest girl who wanted an engagement session, twenty minutes into our conversation I realized I had met this girl before! She was my spouse's OR nurse just a few weeks prior. What an amazing way to be able to show my appreciation for her sweet words and calming actions that morning. I couldn't have been happier to be able to return the love of what I do.

Time to introduce Dani & Jake! She’s an OR nurse (of courses) and he’s a traveling engineer. These two planned to tie the knot on Fort Lauderdale Beach in September, so a classy beach engagement session was perfect! After days of rain we were lucky to have an absolutely beautiful sunny morning. The day began with stroll on the beach as they exchanged sweet kisses and cuddles under the palm trees. Followed by some downtime in B Ocean's skylight lounge. Talk about falling in loving the ocean blue infused modern, sleek vibes of B Ocean. This location is one to keep. All made for a gorgeous, warm, classy, love-filled day of beautiful memories.