Grenitz Family


I love the Holidays. Every year our families look forward to the get togethers that mean fun, joyful, love-filled moments. I received an inquiry just before the Holidays from the friend of a childhood friend requesting a family session as her whole family was coming from all over the country to be together for the first time in a long time. They took this opportunity to document this chance and to show how all their families have grown.

Meet The Grenitz Family! Over the holidays they all books a stay together at The Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort, all they wanted was to spend quality time with their whole family with their feet in the sand and laughs by the ocean. They couldn't have picked a more beautiful weekend as the sun rose the cool winter clouds we started out with cleared to a warm beautiful sunny Florida day. As we were finishing our session the Patriarch of the family came up to me to say they had not done family portraits since their children were little and thanked me for such a wonderful chance to capture these moment. Made me feel very humbled and honored they chose me.


Baby Rhett


Heather and Taylor Krips welcomed this little love nugget into the world just before hurricane Irma. Baby Thomas Rhett... what a sweet little boy he is with the cutest lips. After three days in labor (yeah, three days! Props to you Heather!) Momma and Papa were beyond excited to be taking home their future hunter. Of course a country boy themed newborn session was the plan. Heather's hunting trophies, some feedings, and kisses from Mom and his fur sister made for the perfect Baby Photo Shoot.  Congratulations again on your bundle of joy! Looking forward to more amazing moment with this little man.  


Christmas Minis 2018


Hi Everyone! 

We've already started singing Christmas Carols in our house! So excited for the holidays this year and excited to officially announce my second year of Christmas Minis! Yasssss!

A Holiday Mini Session is a great way to show your loved ones how much your family has grown over the past year. I had so much fun romping around Robins Park with kids, horses, and hot chocolate last year that I’ve been brainstorming for 2017 Minis all year. The plan is to capture family cuddles on the stoop of the quaint, rustic house at Robbins Park in Davie with hot cocoa and chocolate cookies. Then a race over to the blanket nestled under the lush green trees draped in snowflakes. Furry family members are welcomed, but please mention your additional fur baby when booking. They get a special treat too! 

Miami minis are also available at Amelia Earhart Park.

Taking bookings from Nov. 3rd-Dec. 4th. To schedule your session please call (954) 261- 0619 or email me at 

Looking forward to all the festive fun again!

Always,  Nicole



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Dani & Jake


Oh the way the universe works! 

I received a call from the sweetest girl who wanted an engagement session, twenty minutes into our conversation I realized I had met this girl before! She was my spouse's OR nurse just a few weeks prior. What an amazing way to be able to show my appreciation for her sweet words and calming actions that morning. I couldn't have been happier to be able to return the love of what I do.

Time to introduce Dani & Jake! She’s an OR nurse (of courses) and he’s a traveling engineer. These two planned to tie the knot on Fort Lauderdale Beach in September, so a classy beach engagement session was perfect! After days of rain we were lucky to have an absolutely beautiful sunny morning. The day began with stroll on the beach as they exchanged sweet kisses and cuddles under the palm trees. Followed by some downtime in B Ocean's skylight lounge. Talk about falling in loving the ocean blue infused modern, sleek vibes of B Ocean. This location is one to keep. All made for a gorgeous, warm, classy, love-filled day of beautiful memories.


Heather and Taylor are having a Baby!


Yup, you heard right! Heather and Taylor Krips are having a baby! Congratulations you two!! Thankyou for letting me be apart of welcoming baby Thomas Rhett into the world.

Remember their adorable 2017 Christmas Portraits? Turns out she was a 3 days pregnant! No wonder she was glowing! Since they've been married I was awaiting the day I'd receive a call telling me these two were going to be parents. That day came back in February and I couldn't be more excited for them! They are great people and I know they will make great parents.

Let's fast forward eight months to their Beach Maternity Session where Heather was on fire in front of my camera. She really worked that baby bump and windy hair while glowing with abundant happiness and motherly serenity. To top it all off could her styling be any more gorgeous? Our usual shoots consists of us romp around trails with her horse, Mocha, and her dog, Bailey, but this time it was just the humans. She wanted a beautiful, sexy beach maternity session and we definitely accomplished that and much more. Be ready to swoon over this photo magic!

See you soon little cowboy.


Brandon & Klari's Wynwood Engagement


This sweet, humble Midwestern guy found his true love in an exotic, bubbly Hungarian woman.

Both Klari and Brandon worked at LYC for years and knew of one another, but it wasn't until the day Brandon ran into Klari in a coffee shop that they really met each other for the first time. They spent the afternoon talking about dogs, travels, art, and coffee. Seems only fitting to do engagement session in Wynwood exploring the latest art additions. Throw in a pit stop at Panther Coffee and a bit of rain and you have a colorful, fun, and energetic engagement session.

These two are constantly joking around with one another like little kids then full laughing together. When their not hanging out at cool coffee book shops they can be found walking their dogs and watching the sunset over Fort Lauderdale.

Look out for their intimate yacht Wedding in Lake Geneva, Wisconsioin!


'Tis the season

Hi Everyone!

I can't believe it's almost that time of year again, the air is already a bit crisper, and it feels great to sit outside in the morning, feeling the breeze with your warm cup of coffee. We're already in November, and the holidays are approaching fast. Meaning 'Tis the Season for Mini Sessions! Yay! Who does love a quickie photo shoot to show your friends and loved ones how much your family has grown this past year?

I'm extra excited for this Holiday Season because this is the first year of my very own day of Christmas Minis Sessions! Nestled among lush green trees of Robbins Park in Davie, I plan for a little Christmas set of cheer, complete with milk and cookies.

Furry family members are welcomed, but please mention when booking. Weather permitting, session dates are taking place 11/12 & 11/19, spots are limited. To book, or for more info please email me at

Additional News! We are expanding our keepsakes, meaning present shopping (for yourself and others) awaits!

Looking forward to the festive fun!



This Thing Right Here

Someone once told me it’s hardest to photograph are things closest to you. I took on the challenge to find the energy of a moment in my surrounding environment, forcing me to slow down and appreciate the intimacy of a day. My ongoing subject matter flows between domestic narrative, portraits of home, and lifestyle documentary, but with an air of purposeful deflection. The fragmented moments of place have evidence of human life that can transcend into the identity of anyone.